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Maxicorp specialises in residential planning, design and construction. We customise our approach to suit the clients needs. We guarantee each and every project to be on time and on budget. We assess each project and create a set of metrics and KPIs to ensure we meet every set objective. Our tracking methods offer 'real-time' transparency and accountability ensuring positive project outcomes. 
Maxicorp offers a range of commercial construction services. Whether it's an end-to-end Design and Construct project or a refurbishment and renovation solution, Maxicorp delivers high quality outcomes that meet time, budget and quality expectations. From multi level apartments to industrial structures, Maxicorp has the depth of knowledge and experience to deliver on its commitments.
Project Management
Maxicorp offers an integrated suite of project management and advisory services to the commercial property sector. Maxicorp provides property project management services that aim to achieve all project goals and objectives within project constraints such as scope, time, and budget. Our team takes this further and aims to optimise the allocation and integration of inputs and resources necessary to meet all pre-defined goals and objectives.

Our "Process Driven - Outcomes Focussed"  approach to delivering successful projects has 4 phases .

Phase 1 - Initial Meetings
  • The objective of this phase is to establish and solidify the needs and requirements of the client.

  • A questionnaire is used to capture and address the relevant parts of the project.

  • Cost and risk implications are also considered during this phase as are planning and time management.

  • Based on the initial meetings and a review of the questionnaire, specifications and a cost estimate are developed. 

Phase 2 - Design Development 
  • All client requirements and expectations from phase 1 are accounted for with the creation of conceptual layouts, elevations and initial drawings. Key themes, challenges and options are discussed and finalised.

  • If needed, an action plan is created to address planning and regulatory requirements.

  • Maxicorp will then provide a more refined design and construction budget based on your project goals and selections.

  • As this phase proceeds, cost impacts of variations and changes are clearly and promptly communicated so the client has full control of the decision-making process.

Phase 3 - Construction
  • The construction phase begins with the development of a full set of detailed plans including all architectural and construction drawings.

  • The construction phase is broken down by key events and milestones requiring your involvement.

  • The selection process is well documented and identifies the timing and quality of outputs of each critical step to keep construction on track.

  • The Maxicorp Project Tracking Tool* provides the client with a 24/7 view of the projects progress eliminating many of the anxieties that accompany a large financial investment.

Phase 4 - Project Completion
  • The objective of this phase is to confirm and finalise the completion of the project.

  • Information is provided to the client regarding expectations, rights and assurances beyond the completion date. 

  • This phase comes to an end with an opportunity for all stakeholders to participate in feedback and discussion .

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